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Preparing Students for Success: DISC Career Management Report

Athlete Assessments’ DISC Career Management Report

At Athlete Assessments we work in high performance, so we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and delivering services that will have a positive and lasting impact to our clients’ lives as well.

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Our philosophy is that athletes don’t play sport, people do. And whether you are a student-athlete looking to enter the workforce, or a retiring professional athlete, we are proud to release a new service that assists our clients in finding long term future prospects after sport.

Now, no matter which DISC report you complete (AthleteDISC, CoachDISC or Sport ManagerDISC), it will be accompanied by a nine page Athlete Assessments’ DISC Career Management Report designed to contribute to your future career planning and success.

While the initial focus of this report was to assist athletes in their transition from sport to the workplace, we have found that the application is much broader and can be applied to any academic scenario where the student is identifying and mapping out their career pathway. This is because finding your career direction begins in defining a critical element – your behavioral style. And that’s what DISC does.

Research suggests that specific behavioral styles are attracted to and suited to specific jobs and careers. By knowing your natural and adapted behaviors, and by truly understanding your strengths and even your weaknesses, you can better equip yourself to finding the right job match.

Today’s workplace is in constant change and careers are evolving to keep pace. It’s no longer unusual for people to change career 4-5 times during their working lives. Furthermore, research indicates that more than 50% of working people hold jobs that do not utilize their natural talents, so they are neither fully motivated nor satisfied with their work. This same research suggests that 50-80% of all employed adults are actually in the wrong job or career.

Given these realities, it becomes more important than ever for you to be prepared to make informed career decisions based on a solid understanding of your behavioral style and your natural traits. With increased understanding of the behaviors you prefer to bring to the workplace, you can maximize your ability to succeed and achieve career satisfaction in an ever-changing environment.

Career satisfaction, happiness, and success are possible – if you know how to make it happen!  With your personalized and comprehensive DISC Profile Report and our Career Management Report, you have the right tools to help you understand how behavioral styles gravitate to certain jobs and how you can become more effective in making informed decisions for your career management.

Another exciting aspect of this report is that it not only devises career outlooks, it also provides a link to the O*NET site and REAL jobs that you can apply for. The information in these personalized reports have enormous application and can be used for your total career management and continued personal and professional development:

  • Showcase Interpersonal Strengths in Résumés and Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation and Skills
  • Interview Portfolio Content
  • Interview “Leave-Behinds”
  • Personal Branding
  • Professional Bio (Social Networking)
  • Job Search Strategy and Campaigns
  • Time Management
  • Career Transition
  • Educational Planning
  • Sales and Leadership Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Harmony in the Work Place
  • Team Building
  • Relationship Strategies
  • Hiring / Selection / Placement Strategic Positioning and More!

It is important to note that the Career Management Report does not assign personal values, interests, aptitude, IQ or work history. Instead, it concentrates on your behavior and helps you to recognize the preferences and strengths you bring to a job. Establishing the best career path is a result of learning what jobs require the “real you” for that natural “job fit.”

The Athlete Assessments DISC Career Management Report in action:

At Athlete Assessments we ensure our products are of the highest possible standard, and that they will work for you! So, as part of a rigorous testing process, our writer Lahnee completed her Sport ManagerDISC and experienced firsthand the Career Management Report. Here’s what she thought about the process and the results:

Preparing students for success - my story how DISC helped me
“I had done my DISC report previously so I had a good idea of what behavioral profile I was, but it was actually really good to complete it again, especially knowing that I would be given a report detailing suitable career paths for myself. I am a high I which essentially means that I am open and direct. I am outgoing, seek personal connections and enjoy frequent interactions with others. My profile, as determined by completing my DISC, is pretty accurate. In fact, I had many “a-ha” moments when reading through the 44 page report. It really did help me understand my own behaviors much better and how I can, and do, adapt them.

Moving on to the Career Management Report, I was excited to see what it came up with. Firstly, my suggested career paths, based on my behavioral profile, were Advertising/Marketing Public Relations Training/Public Speaking Sales/Promotions Hospitality/Tourism Retail – Sales. Exactly the line of work I have always enjoyed, and been quite good at. Each of these suggestions suited me perfectly. This was also reflected in the REAL jobs that were put forward as possible positions for me to apply for. Some examples were Tour Guide, Announcer, Social Worker, Health Educator and Patient Representative – all positions that would require someone with my behavioral traits, and all positions that I could have happily applied for, obviously taking into account my own qualifications and interests.

Further to this, my DISC Report would act to help me in physically applying for any of these roles because it outlays behavioral traits that are relevant to my profile. When listing my attributes in my resume, I can refer to this and ensure I am listing traits that showcase why I am a great fit for the role.

Overall, this was an exciting and beneficial exercise for me. Although it was a test run as I have a career here at Athlete Assessments, it did prove that the system works and I would have felt very comfortable in using these reports to assist in my career planning.”

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